1.  like a lady

2.  windowsill festiveness

3.  the only Tuscan cottage we'll ever own!


4. op shop buy of the week


5.  cucumber lover


6.  a new favourite


7.  hand stamped loveliness


8.  Sage's "new" vintage high chair


9.  desk pretties


10. surprise wedding


11.   Aunty Claire's hat

12.  present investigation

13. birthday invitations are go
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  1. Gorgeous pictures Anna! Your daughter is precious :) You did really well with her birthday invitations!

    Sophie xo

  2. The most beautiful photography. Those little feet!! And those eyes!! Hairy Maclary is a favourite here too x

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Anna. Love the invitations. You did a great job! Za xo

  4. The doilies look fantastic!
    So many beautiful photos there. Enjoy the lead up to beautiful Sage's first Christmas (and then birthday!). xx

  5. Love the gorgeous stills you captured, Anna. I love your creative touch, too. As a kiwi disguised in Aussie attire, I love hairy mclairy and secretly try to impose my beliefs on all the gorgeous bambinos in my world ;) Happy holiday season to you and yours xx

  6. Love these photos, Anna! I tried to hand-stamp some things before and failed miserably... stamping is an art, I tell you! ;) Can't wait to see more - have a wonderful Christmas holiday (and birthday for miss Sage!)

  7. Oh Anna, you have captured some most glorious moments right here...such lovely images.
    Hairy Maclary has been a firm favourite with each of our five and one I never get bored of reading.
    Gorgeous invites and doilies..well done.

  8. Love these shots Anna and the sneak-peek they offer into your home and your family. The doily tags are beautiful and Sage's invites look beautiful. I hope you and your loved ones have a magical Christmas xx

  9. Gorgeous shots, love the feet in the first- so sweet!

  10. love every image. those hand stamped doilies and the tuscan cottage are divine. a magical christmas and new year to you. xx

  11. Beautiful pictures, your daughter is adorable and I love that first one of her little feet! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for becoming a follower, I'm now following you too!

  12. How absolutely beautiful. Every photo is imbued with such warmth and depth.
    Thank you for sharing these glimpses into your life with us!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
    Ronnie xo

  13. I feel like I have been on a holiday scrolling through your beautiful pictures. Such a lovely perspective on life through your eyes and camera lens. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.
    Bella xx

  14. Beautiful! (Love Hairy Maclary!!)

  15. Magic! What beautiful little snippets of your world. That baby girl of yours is all kinds of lovely :) x


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