All I Want For Christmas | Little Luxuries

Perhaps if I leave this page strategically open during opportune moments over the next few days, it may eventually catch a certain husband's wandering eye? {Just a couple of things would be plenty, honey!}

Just maybe you should do the same!

1. Seed T-Bar Sandals   2. Triwa Alabaster Nevil Watch   3. Magazine Subscriptions - Frankie, Kinfolk, Peppermint   4. Seed Anna Aztec Scarf   5. Polli Woven Doily Earrings   6. Uashmama Grey Paper Washable Bag   7. Olloclip iPhone Lens   8. Witchery Strappy Trapeze Maxi Dress   9. Elk Cappel Wallet   10. Lunaviz London DSLR Camera Strap   11. Tonic Aztec Purple Shower Cap   12. Pipduck Princess Bird Gumboots   13. Seed Bead Rope Bracelet   14. Oktoberdee Wendy Satchel   15. Dandi Fern Tea Towels   Centre - Pink Olive Ella Wreath Stamp

My picks... the watch {me, oh my!} and the gumboots {would make gardening time all kinds of pretty}

Your faves?

Happy hinting   ;-)


  1. Oooh what a lovely collection there Anna. I see a few things there I would love to have on my list:) xx

  2. I've got to have that dress! I'm heading over to Witchery right now :)

    Sophie xo

  3. Oh I love all your picks. The dress is beautiful...and those tea towels too. Have a gret Christmas, hope you get most, if not all things on your wishlist!

    PS: I'm hosting my last giveaway for the year! It's an ecostore store gift pack valued at $100, hope you enter here: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2012/12/ecostore-giveaway.html

  4. Some very lovely ideas here, Anna! :)


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