13 for 2013

Strolling through our garden in the lazy afternoon sun, I couldn't help but admire the growth and development of our fruit trees and vegetables. I was enamoured by their resilience, their ability to not only survive, but thrive and prosper. A little care, a little love was really all that was needed for our garden to blossom and flourish.

My thoughts turned to the coming of the new year and my own personal growth and development. How may I thrive and prosper and perhaps even blossom and flourish throughout the year of two thousand and thirteen?

In the midst of December festivities - the bustle and busyness of days quickly turning into weeks, it is easy to be completely taken aback by the changing of the calendar - the fresh, unmarked pages of a year-long companion... a new January 1st... a new year suddenly upon us.

Inspired by the gorgeous Rachel, I will be seizing some quiet moments - some snippets of still during the flurry - to reflect on my hopes and dreams for 2013. Spending a little time contemplating my passions, considering my values, evaluating my sources of inspiration. Challenging myself in some areas and going a tad easier on myself in others. I will share my aspirations and goals - thirteen in fact - for you to see here on the first of January.

Will you join 13 for 2013?


  1. I love that thought and I'll be there joining you too! I think my need is to go slightly easy on myself and Sunny in some areas. I want to just 'be' and 'enjoy'.

    Sophie xo

  2. You know, I did one of these for 2012 and I'm not sure how my list even ended up! I might just have to search around for that, I'm too curious! PS- flourish you will. I'm certain. x

  3. Lovely idea Anna - I will be joining you. I've been hibernating somewhat this year, getting used to the hustle and bustle of 3 - I need to revamp for 2013, Looking forward to it! x

  4. I think I will join - I'm already looking forward to 2013! Love these pictures too, so beautiful. x

  5. Such a lovely exercise to do - so important to take the time to do this x

  6. Sounds like a great way to reflect on 2012 and start off the new year. I hope I too can join in. I always find this time of year great for reflecting on all that the past months have brought and all that I hope to achieve in the coming ones x

  7. Thanks for reminding me. I think it's time to go back and reflect on how I did with my list!

    rachel xo

  8. You know when you read something that makes your heart sing, that makes you think 'yes'? Well, this did. I'll join in. x


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