||  tempted by this

        ||  hoping for a summer that looks a whole lot like this and this {and maybe this - ooh, la la!}

        ||  day dreaming to this

        ||  being very mindful of this {especially numbers 5 and 7}

        ||  adding this and this to my wishlist

        ||  completely thrilled by this, this and this

        ||  looking forward to this

        ||  living in this {and eyeing off this}

        ||  hanging {and loving} this

        ||  smiling at the message in this

        ||  waiting on a big package from this

        ||  growing one like this

        ||  always inspired by this

        ||  following this

        ||  finding this article incredibly insightful {and will be buying this as a result}

        ||  loving that this is made just down the road

        ||  relying on this     

        ||  thinking Santa might bring something like this

{the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply}

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