the THIS list ~ May

        ||  reading this

        ||  waiting for this

        ||  cooking this

        ||  thankful for this

        ||  coveting this

        ||  excited by this

        ||  pondering this

        ||  documenting for this

        ||  loving this

        ||  inspired by this

        ||  watching this

        ||  playing with this

        ||  decorating this

        ||  dreaming of this

        ||  attending this

        ||  bathing in this

        ||  supporting this

        { the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply }


  1. Gorgeous list! And a few bits and pieces I've linked to recently too. Have a beautiful week lovely xxx

  2. What a lovely list! I've so enjoyed my reflections posts but think a monthly one is perfect (and far more manageable!). Got lost on a bit of a link wander....lovely! xxx


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