The Little Artist {Volume Two}

"To play with colour is to play with magic" - Ursula Kolbe
{author of my most favourite guide to facilitating art experiences with young children, Rapunzel's Supermarket}
As predictable, weary tears begin to surface toward the end of yet another whirlwind day, crisp, white ceramics, laden with colour, are placed atop her thrifted table; her sunshine-yellow chair drawn ajar to entice. Frustrated, tired grizzles are soon forgotten as her hands and mind meld to create a dance of wonder upon the beckoning page. Hues intertwine and new shades emerge as slapdash fingers hastily explore. Fragments of colour chaotically combine, as another masterpiece from our wee artist is complete.  
Sage creates with Veggie Baby Finger Paint care of the delightful Boodle and Bear. These beautiful hues are made from the milling of real blueberries, beets, pumpkin and spinach, and contain no dairy, wheat, sugar or preservatives - making them safe for even the most curious, young artist!
Sweet Marnie, a mother of two littlies, established Boodle and Bear - her family-based, online art supplies store, after she found a huge gap in the market for safe, easy-to-use, eco-friendly products, specifically designed for young children.
"It was concerning to me to find that many art supplies produced by large corporations contain toxic chemicals that can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or accidentally ingested whilst children use them…  Buying eco-friendly art supplies is a small step in caring for our world and our children."

To celebrate the potential and capabilities of even our littlest creatives, we have an entire set of Veggie Baby Finger Paint {RRP $40}, to give away to one lucky Fields of Sage reader! To enter, simply leave a comment, either in the blog comment section below or on our facebook page {doing both will give you two entries}. The winner will be chosen via random number generator {according to comment order} and be drawn in one week – on Friday, June 21st at 8.00pm.

Good luck!
If you just cannot wait to immerse your child in a world of colour, Boodle and Bear currently has an enormous 40% off EVERYTHING in store! On my wishlist for Sage is this set of bamboo paint brushes and these divine water soluble pencils. But be quick - this amazing  40% off sale is available only while stocks last! Also, be sure to pop over and give Boodle and Bear a little 'like' on facebook to stay up-to-date with their frequent specials and incredible product range. Happy creating! x

UPDATE:   we have a winner!

Congratulations to gorgeous Steph of This Brown Wren! These little pots of goodness are headed your way. I have no doubt Bijou and Remy will create many works of art with their sweet little fingertips, to adorn your beautiful home. Much love, from Fields of Sage x


  1. Oh Anna these are just lovely. Mattea is yet to paint - other than wet paintbrush on paper - as so many paints are just so toxic smelling to me. Addison does lots of water colour which isn't so bad. I shall have to check out what other things they have too.

  2. Oh these are lovely! I've been looking for a finger paint like this. I thought about just using spices like turmeric and cinnamon too, but these are amazing!

  3. What an amazing product! Jarvis loves to "draw". But I spend half of the time ensuring his fingers do not go near his mouth. Which I am sure reacts half of the sensory enjoyment for him.

  4. I love the idea of making paints from natural stuff. Looks like fun. My daughters would love this.. xx

  5. These look amazing! They remind me of the tikka powder I bought home from India. Our 4 month old Will would love them when he has grown just a little bit more :)

  6. Oh I love the sound of these. Your description of them sent me away to a lovely faraway land! We started painting very early with Lola, and although she didn't eat the paint, it would put this mama's mind at peace to know she is creating with such a natural product. With baby two on the way, he/she will no doubt be painting as soon as a possible also. What a fanatastic giveaway - many thanks xx

  7. Beautiful pictures. Great way to keep little ones happy Sage looks like she is having a wonderful time. Girls would love these xx

  8. Such beautiful products! I am off to have a lovely investigate. Your images are always so beautiful...as are your words :) xx


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