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Grandma's Garden

Etched deep into each wrinkle, each crevice, each pore, are moments of hardship and heartache, of laughter and light. Diligently carved by nature's swift hand, life's inklings lay engraved upon her velvet-soft face. Perhaps millions of smiles and hundreds of frowns, each furrow has a story, each gully, a song. 

As the delicate passageways bear witness to a life so graciously lived, it's the contours and causeways imbuing the heart that will tell of her tale - long after she has forgotten. Scandalously thieved, so mercilessly robbed, haze begins to overwhelm a mind once crystal clear. Words, names and memories fade with the slowly setting sun, white noise distorts perception, reality and truth. Yet in the face of confusion, frustration and loss, the soul within speaks crescendos of essence and love. Her gentle touch, warm embrace, her softest caress, silently declare all that is important, no words need be found.

Sage, as you grow and age through the years, your older self may too forget of life's valleys and peaks. Memories of triumphs and tears may long have departed, but your story lies here, ready and waiting to be told... now and forevermore.

Sage is wrapped with love in the Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood|Mint by Sakura Bloom


  1. Beautiful photos. I so miss "slinging" my babies. xo

  2. Beautiful images and words Anna.
    The colours captured are amazing.
    I dream of carrying my children in slings one day.

  3. This is so beautifully written ... and the photos are more beautiful.

    I wish I would have a sling when my boys were little. I can imagine how lovely it must feel to have them so close to you.

    You have such a beautiful blog ~

  4. This is so wonderful Anna! I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. And these photos are so beautiful.

  5. your words and images are beautiful ... x

  6. Oh Anna, I had tears in my eyes after I read the first line. I went to visit my grandma on the weekend and Parker met her for the first time. I took photos of all areas of her home to capture stories. I will blog about it and her this week.
    You, Sage and your photos are sublime.
    Enormous love x

  7. Beautiful words and photos Anna x

  8. Such a beautiful post. Your words are divine and Si's piccie's are wonderful. Wishing you gentle days with your loves beautiful lady :) xx

  9. Oh mama! My heart! Immediate tears. This is such a beautiful entry. x

  10. Such a beautiful post, Anna ~ gorgeous photos, and lovely words xo


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