The Beginnings of a Working Mumma

Just recently we made a decision...

a decision which ultimately entails big changes to our lives and our foreseeable plans for the year ahead.

A decision which, for me, was unquestionably intertwined with deep emotion and overwhelming doubt. But one that has also brought with it unguarded excitement and anticipation en masse.

If you've been visiting here for a little while now, you may remember our choice back in August last year - that I would take another year of unpaid leave from teaching to stay at home with Sage for the whole of 2013. A complete and utter luxury - albeit not one without many sacrifices, however an incredible blessing nonetheless.

Then, at the end of last week, I received a phone call. Completely out of the blue.

A phone call which described of the urgent need for a Kindergarten educator at our local school - only two minutes away - for an unexpected third class; formed due to an influx of new enrollments preparing for the beginning of a fresh school year.

So once again, Si and I sat,

and we mulled

and we deliberated

and we questioned

and we contemplated

... and we eventually decided that I would accept the position - a role that involves working four mornings a week, finishing just after lunch, with Wednesdays off.

... and in doing so, Si would care for Sage for two mornings a week, and my Mum would mind her for the remaining two.

... and so, as of tomorrow, I become a working Mumma. A Mumma who, although will have short periods of the day away from my beloved girl, will love her all the more.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will crave her. That I will yearn for her and my homemaker/motherhood role like never before. I'm certain that the morning will bring with it the expected ache in my stomach; a swelling throat and pin-pricked eyes.

But at the same time, I will remind myself that my place, my heart and my love is at home and home is where I'll still be...

just a little less.

{Kindergarten is the first formal year of schooling in Tasmania, followed by Prep then Grade One. Kindergartens here are a part of school buildings, unlike some parts of mainland Australia, where they are separate}.


  1. The phone call and job invitation must be a sign that part-time work is meant to be this year. I'm sure it will all work out perfectly for your little family.

  2. It takes a few months to get used to being away from your precious one but you will cherish the moments you have together. I will always remember the first day I went back to work... I cried and that's OK to do so. I believe I became a better mama by doing so. It just meant that the days I had together with my girl I was determined to make them special and not spent entirely with the necessities of house work. All the best Anna and it's OK to miss your baby... Lord knows I miss Sunny when she's asleep! You're lucky that she'll be with her daddy and grandma - She's loved regardless.

    Sophie xo

  3. Oh wow! What a massive transition (and decision) that is! All the best! I reckon you should find a trusted shoulder so that if you need to cry on it (and know that it's a safe shoulder to cry on) then that might help through the hard times. I'll be thinking of you! :)

  4. Good luck with. It will make your time with gorgeous Sage all that more special! x

  5. that sounds like the perfect balance - for you, for Si, for your Mum, and for Sage, who gets time with all the special people in her life.. all the best for the first week. x

  6. You will handle this new adventure with grace and such gentleness lovely Anna. Your baby will reep the rewards of special time with her Papa Bear and Grandma and your time with her will be all the more special. Teaching is a very selfless profession and your descision to lend hand is so admirable. Be kind to yourself lovely soul....all will be well :) x

  7. All the best.. So lucky to have your family and husband to care for her while you work. Enjoy some you time albeit work. Sam xx

  8. Good luck tomorrow, Anna! There will be an adjustment period I'm sure, but it certainly sounds like there is a lovely balance to this new role of yours, and how lucky for Sage to have such special time each week with her Daddy and your Mum. x

  9. A big decision but it will be perfect, you know that deep down. Actually, Kindergarten is part of mainstream school in NSW. Che starts tomorrow and I think he is in a composite K/1 class - suits us as he was in a similar class at Montessori.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. x

    1. Perhaps the difference may be that we have 'Prep' here between Kinder and Grade 1. Our Kinder children are 4 years old, turning 5 during their Kinder year. I will be thinking of Che and this incredible new journey he's about to enter, but I'll especially be thinking of his Mumma x

    2. You are correct Anna, our 'Prep' is their Kindergarten. Good luck tomorrow x

  10. Sounds like you have found the perfect balance Anna. Good luck for tomorrow..I am sure the first wee while will be hard but will get easier with time.
    And just think of how overjoyed Sage will be with excitement when you get home :)

  11. Gulp down every sweet second of Sage and know that you will be bringing some of the wonderful gifts she gives you everyday, into the life of the sweet children that you will be teaching. I am sure that the love and the preciousness and the time you have with Sage will become all that sweeter as you step away a bit to teach. It says loads to who you are as a person, as a mother, as a teacher, that you took the time to think and contemplate and debate about your next step. Brava. It will be lovely to see how your next step in this journey unfolds.

  12. This post has not left my head since I read it. I have changed my mind about a few things since then and I am the better for it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Hi lovely. Haven't been visiting many blogs lately (and I know you understand) - so I'm a little late to hear this news and catch up on what's happening. So interested to hear how this goes for you - and hope the transition is smooth. Sage is so lucky to have two people who love her so to look after her. I am due to go back to work (just 2 days) in April and I am finding it hard to work out how I feel about it. Hope I can find the words to write a little post. In the meantime, I'll be watching your space and crossing my fingers that you all thrive in this new routine x


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