13 for 13: Farmer's Market

As hoped in my 13 for 2013, every second Saturday morning, after a lazy lie-in and a slow, hearty breakfast, we amble down the hill to our local farmer's market. Flanked by coastal waters and a historic, far-reaching cemetery, we peruse stall after stall, collecting delicious morsels {those which aren't spreading their roots in our own backyard}, sampling tasty fruits {marionberries are our new fave} and stockpiling homemade jams, chutneys and sauces {plus the occasional bunch of pretty blooms}. Sage is enthralled by the sights, smells and sounds - finding peace in the simplicity and gentle hum of our relaxed wanderings. Along the way we greet many we know, sharing small snippets of our time, our purchases and our lives. In the large cattle shed nearby, fast-paced calls and frequent hammer strikes signal the sale of covetable antique pieces sent to auction - many of which I view as "must-have's" - all of which are deemed "inappropriate" by Mr Sensible Husband. And each time we depart through the rusty, worn gates, we marvel at how great it feels - to support our local people, to know exactly where our food has come from... to have spent time together.

Tell me, do you have a local farmer's market? What's your one staple each time you visit? {Ours is tomato relish!}


  1. Such a beautiful way to spend a weekend morning. We always buy so much at our markets with berries at the top of the list! Remy alone could devour a punnet of blackberries before we even get to the car. And lemon butter...oh and hyacinths when they're in bloom...and then there's the mushroom man.....;) Oh yes, we love our markets too. Gorgeous captures :) x

  2. Perfect. Our staple is organic honey, yum! Husband often brings me home a bunch of blooms if I can't go to Market with him, I do love Market day!

  3. I am a bit disappointed in the Farmers Markets here..we have to travel further afield to get to somewhere decent. While living in Brisbane we attended our local one every weekend and would come home with an abundance of fresh produce. Flowers were always high on my list too :)

  4. Love the farmer's market! We have a great one near here. Such a lovely way to spend your morning together xx

  5. The farmer's market is just the best - love it to bits (especially when Mt Gnomon are there selling their tasty pork!!)


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