Meandering, Blissfully

Life lately, though taking a path vastly different to the one we were first expecting, has been amazingly {and reassuringly} settled. We have found a gentle rhythm, albeit one without even seeking, allowing our little family to hum along harmoniously and happily; an easier than anticipated transition. During the past few sun-drenched, summer weeks, we work as we must to get by, then dash home with haste to revel in cherished time together. A flurry of beating hearts, we cuddle, laugh and share after our few hours apart, and then adventure somewhere simple and close to home, to feast, walk or play. Life is truly good.

Images captured at the divine Bruce's, located on Wynyard's ambling old coast road. Their scrumptious food and mellow vibe makes this the perfect spot for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon chill-out sesh. You must try their chickpea burger - it's to die for! As are their savoury muffins. Notice the gorgeous exhibition currently wall laden? Curated by none other than Naomi Fenton of Look See - Sage's birthday photographer extraordinaire!


  1. Gorgeous pictures Anna :) How cute is Sage's little toothy grin! Makes your heart melt...

    Sophie xo

  2. I'm so delighted that everything has fallen into place so gently and happily (though I am not at all surprised given all the careful thought and love that goes into your world!). What a beautiful place to potter around. Kindred spirits indeed! I simply can not wait to meet you in May. It will be a magic day!! I have a little parcel coming you way soon (very belatesd!) WIshing you calm and peace with your beloveds :) x

  3. This is all kinds of lovely, Anna. So glad to hear you are all falling into a steady rhythm.

  4. Oh my! What a lovely surprise to see some shots of the installation! I've sadly been neglecting it of late, but I have some great ideas for what I'd like to put up there next. Thank you so much for sharing these - it's so nice to see it from a different perspective! :)

  5. Oh I see it's all coming together - so happy for you x


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