Together {Her Birthday Morning}

We woke at 6.48am and took a photo of our sweet, little girl, laying sleepily in our bed - born a year ago at that very moment in time. We snuggled in tight, speaking words of love and words of reflection - telling of our pure adoration and utter pride. We shared in a breakfast feast, coupled with the opening of gifts - savouring the gleeful delight found in each one. We spent the morning cherishing our first born, remembering our journey and dreaming of future days - together.

Sage was given a treasured new story book, an easy-to-grasp 3D puzzle, four vibrant, wild friends (the elephant is her favourite) and a natural branch stacking set. A beautiful tee pee {bought on sale} and a divine white dress {now unavailable} were also given on the day of her party celebration. All gifts were purchased in-store but can be found online by clicking the links.


  1. She looks more gorgeous now than I've ever seen her - must be the change of the year! What a lovely celebration you had together. Sending more happy birthday wishes your way x

  2. What a precious time for you all. Happy 1st birthday, Sage!

  3. Such a special time and captured ever so beautifully and gently. Each stage is gorgeous but gee I'm loving this stage with our little man. The communicating, the developing independence, the kisses and cuddles....beautiful! May your week be grand :) x

  4. I adore the gentle way in which you celebrated Sage's turning one Anna. A happy first birthday to your gorgeous baby girl.


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