One {Her Birthday Afternoon}

After our delightful morning together we headed to the park to share in some delicious sushi and very decadent chocolate, pecan fudge cake; complete with a singular candle and "happy birthdays" sung by her adoring parents. We played and explored and delighted in the wonder that was our little girl's 'official' first birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Sage! What a beautiful little girl, congratulations on one year of parenthood! xx

  2. Oh Anna - these are just stunning! :)

  3. happy birthday sage! what a beautiful day you gave her to celebrate :)

  4. You just honestly inspire me :)

    It's a nice space to visit, & to be assured that incredibly beautiful people are out there, & they are raising ADORED children.

    Keep being such wonderful parents,


  5. That picture of you feeding brought tears to my eyes. The eye contact and her little hand reaching out to touch your face. It takes me straight back. There is nothing more special - nothing. xx

  6. Hi, I loved the video! And the gorgeous photos! What a gorgeous child you have there :) Just a couple of questions - 1: where did you get Sage's month tops and 2: what program do you use for making a slide show video with music?


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