Sage's 11 Month Video {& 12 Month Photos}

{A special message from Daddy this month...}

Sage at 12 months?... No stone left unturned!

The sparkle in your bright eyes brings us so much joy each day. We are captivated by the love you have for life; every day is an adventure filled with many new discoveries. You are constantly on the move; exploring, fossicking, discussing.

You find the world around you so exciting. There is always so much to do that you find little time for sleep. Bedtime is around 8.30pm {after a VERY late afternoon sleep), and you usually rest soundly till 12am - then the shenanigans begin! Mumma snuggles and comfort feeds are the order of the night from this point onwards, until morning. I take over from here - we gobble down a breakfast of Weetbix, yogurt and toast, we have a turn on the potty, read stories and play. Once Mum rises, your day consists of the following achievements, likes and dislikes:

You adore...
Opening cupboard doors, particularly so you can access and 'chat' on the home phone
Eating snow peas, carrots and beans out of the garden
Your car seat facing forwards
Signing 'milk', 'more', 'head' and 'finished' and pointing to objects when you want something
The toilet - especially unrolling the toilet paper and flushing the button... and being in there whenever we are!
Going to the pool and blowing bubbles under water
Listening to Justine Clarke's "Songs That Make You Smile"
Sharing Nutella on toast with mum
Being very expressive with your hands and arms while speaking
Flinging food off your high chair to 'share' with Rudi
Walking with objects in your mouth and hands
Spending time outdoors
Pressing the buttons on EFTPOS machines and traffic light crossings
Saying your new words - "toes", "Pa", "Nan", "dah dah" (duck), "nah nah nah nah" (no), "ta" (thank you) and "rrrrrrrrrr" (trumpeting like an elephant)

You're not so fond of...
Sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time
Mum walking out of the room
Putting your nappy on
Having a massage after bath time 

Thank you beautiful girl for one tremendous year. May no stone be left unturned during your journey through life. We love you so, so much.

Love Dad Dad

Here are your adventures as an 11 month old...


  1. Love! Love these sweet wonderful moments! Keep enjoying them and keep sharing. xxoo

  2. Such a gorgeous child, I definitely see that sparkle!

    xox Lilly


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