My Little Dose of Fresh

You may have noticed Fields of Sage has had a few small design changes over the past couple of weeks. A clean, white background, fresh fonts {oh how I love me a new font!}, my mug in the top corner and now a lovely new header, designed by the delightful Katie Hepper of Katie Hepper Design. Not only is she unbelievably gorgeous and a truly beautiful soul, she is also incredibly talented, so be sure to check out her fabulous new website!

This newfound simplicity and uncluttered feel {a complete contrast to our lounge room on a daily basis!} is like my little dose of fresh air. I'm sure this little space will continue to change and evolve over time, but the one constant that I hope will always remain, is that Fields of Sage is a place where you can seek sanctuary in the knowledge that we are travelling this incredible journey of parenthood, side by side.

*Photo featured on my former blog header by Megan Bourn Photography
**Circular photo featured above my profile by Murphy Photography


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    1. Thank you Greer! I think at the rate I've been unsettled lately, it won't be long before another change! Have a fabulous weekend :-)


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