Amber Beads

Oh, be still my beating heart!

Upon waking this morning, we discovered that Sage had cut her second tooth {and also realised this is the reason for her abundance of feeds over the past few days!}. Although a little hard to see in this photo - it's there, right next to the first!

So far, Sage's emerging teeth haven't caused her {or us} too many problems. As they are about to pop through, she tends to becomes unsettled the night before they appear, she nurses a great deal in the days leading up and she tends to play with her ears a lot.

Now that we have entered fully-fledged teething mode, we decided to purchase some amber beads for Sage to wear. Amber has been used for hundreds of years as a natural healing remedy and pain reliever, and is recommended by naturopaths and homeopathy advocates worldwide for its positive effect on the immune system. When worn on the skin, amber releases healing oils which can greatly ease the inflammation and pain associated with teething, for babies and young children. Not to mention, they look super cute!

I'm interested to see over the coming months if our amber beads give Sage any respite from her obvious discomfort when new teeth begin to surface. Do you have any teething treatments that worked for your little ones? I'd love to hear your remedies!


  1. Adorable pictures! I'm intersted to hear how they go as I've thought about getting some when my little girl starts teething. Xx

    1. I'll be sure to keep you updated Hayley. Your little girl is just the sweetest! x

  2. they do look super cute!

    p.s. do you have photoshop? i've been resizing my images in photoshop and making diptychs for my blog to make them all fit well and i can tell you how i do it if you shoot me an email (thislittleport@gmail.com). If you don't have photoshop jodi recently wrote a bit about how to do something similar: http://cheandfidel.blogspot.com/2012/09/frequently-asked-questions-some-answers.html


    1. Oh Gaby, you are a lifesaver. Thank you! I saw Jodi's post when she first put it up, but was still unsure about making diptychs. I do have Photoshop, but only as of recently, so very much a beginner! I'll send you an email through over the next few days. Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend xxx


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