During the Christmas holidays, you may remember the little/dramatic/expensive tale about our dog Rudi getting himself into all sorts of trouble with a nasty fish hook... well now that he's well and truly recovered and we can all have a slight chuckle about his $2400 emergency surgery {on a Sunday... at three in the morning... four hours from home} we graciously accepted when Sage insisted upon a "vets" as her new investigation, a short time after our arrival home. She was naturally very intrigued by all that had unfolded while we were away and we knew that any worries or concerns she may have had as a result of Rudi's ordeal could be expressed and alleviated through role play. 

Usually we change our play-based environments every three to four weeks {depending on Sage's interest level}, however our veterinarians remained captivating for almost two months! We were amazed, not only by the literacy and numeracy understandings she displayed {and gained} from this setting, but also by her questioning strategies and depth of imagination. She 'wrote' {as the vet} and conveyed {as the customer} names, addresses, phone numbers, reasons for visiting {often rather elaborate!} and subsequent treatment options. I only wish we had have taken a video!

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  1. Great photos of your daughters play. you can see that she's really engaged. Nothing like real life experiences (even expensive ones) to stimulate some really good learning through play.


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