Autumn has well and truly announced her chilly arrival here in Tassie and brought with her the first - of what will likely be many - head colds of the season...      such is life when working with twenty-two little ones.

In order to nourish, heal and protect, I've turned to a simple and natural, homemade remedy using just two, staple ingredients - honey and onion - both known for their incredibly powerful antibacterial and medicinal properties.

To Prepare

Slice onion, place in a small bowl and cover with honey {manuka would be ideal, but if not, use whatever you have in the pantry - I used leatherwood from a friend's hive}. Allow to rest in the fridge for twenty four hours and then strain the honey liquid from the onion. Take a spoonful to soothe an irritated throat or chesty cough, as needed.


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