On the weekend, we reveled in the joy and tenacity that is our girl - our girl who is suddenly three years old! Sweet little ladies Cora, Grace, Hallie, Lila and Hazel {and their beautiful mamas} joined us for a 'girls only' celebration in the woods - five minutes from our home and the most perfect setting for our eclectic, whimsical tea party...

Dearest Sage,

Despite the moon orbiting us for yet another year of your life, it's really the stars you hold in your palm. I lay in bed with you every evening and as your fingers entwine my hair, I whisper to you of life's possibilities. Perhaps you fall asleep and dream of tangerine mountains and magnolia oceans, but most certainly of a world where sentences always end in an ellipsis. Your wisdom and beauty transcends your short time earth-side, yet there are moments in our everyday where you are still very much my baby. You are a cautious danger-seeker and an intrepid gypsy - the world waits with baited breath as you plunge further and further into this wonderland that is your existence.

My spirited babe, life with you is a wild carousal ride, and I love you with all that I am,
Mama   xx 


Outfits: Sage's top and pants from Daisy and Moose and shoes care of Indigo Babe. Mama's skirt from Her Library Adventures

Thank you gifts: treasure boxes and bindis from Tree of Life and worry dolls from Oxfam Shop

Plates, popcorn bags and cupcake cases from Love Mae

All other items including crochet blankets, table coverings, drinking glasses, flowers and vases sourced from op shops, discount stores and markets


  1. Amazing!! What an incredible job you did creating such a whimsical and magical birthday party! You have inspired my little girl's 3rd Birthday theme! :)

  2. Amazing Anna! I have been inspired to do something like this for my 30th!! Joelle x

  3. So magical... what a beautiful bound you have with your family and friends

  4. Gorgeous pictures! This looks magical. Thanks for sharing! Also, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your blog so much that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. You can find out more about that here: http://jordangurganus.com/journal/2015/2/1/one-lovely-blog-a-inspiration-roundup

  5. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful party it was. You made her 3rd birthday so special. I just love the theme. I also hosted grand party on my son’s birthday at one of the most beautiful New York venues and did all the decoration work on my own. Everyone adored my creativity!


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