Sage simply adores the library. We are so lucky that our local is only a five minute walk from home, although it's an expedition that usually takes us three times as long, as I mindfully bite my tongue on the "hurry up, let's go's" and remember it is the journey that's often most important...

Along the way, Sage takes advantage of her mama being relatively distraction-free, and consequently, our dawdle is filled with her constant, bubbly chatter and endless ponderings. Numerals on each letter box we see are exclaimed over and questioned {"Mum! I see a 2 and a 5 -- that says 25!" "Mama? What does a 6 and a 3 say when they are together?"} - a girl after her teacher-mama's heart! We wave a friendly 'hello' to the neighbourhood pets watching us from the comfort of their couches and hold hands as she balances along low, concrete fences, practising her "twicks". Eyes often gaze skyward, spotting planes zooming overhead and a particular patch of yellow daisies on the nature strip is often one or two fewer upon our passing.

Once we arrive, she takes great delight in tippy-toeing her books over the too-high counter, only to go and fossick through the tubs and find very similar - often matching titles to the ones she has just returned! Hairy McLairy and Maisy Mouse are firm favourites, but mama manages to sneak in a few other beloveds along the way.

Here is our latest play-based investigation at home - our very own library to visit each and every day :-)

Library Resources

Large bookshelf, secondhand, from here
Double wooden school desk and chairs, from antique store
'Computer' cash register, purchased from here {similar here} - used to enter addresses, phone numbers, library card codes, number of books borrowed and days books can be kept 
Wooden flower, gift {similar here}
Bell, purchased in-store {similar here}
Barcode scanner - old, cordless phone
Alphabet poster, purchased in-store {similar here}
Blue hat, second hand {similar here}
Puzzles, baskets, fiction and non fiction books, collected over time

{Please note - no new items were purchased for this investigation - all have been collected over my years as an early childhood educator}

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Do your children have a love for the library too?


  1. Anna this is Amazing! And the way you describe your walks to the Library are just divine. We do a similar walk too but I could never describe it as perfectly as you just have. xx


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