Warming My Belly

Autumn time in Tasmania is a deliciously fickle affair. While there are days that the sun continues to cast her nourishing, warming glow - remnants of a lingering Summer, not yet ready to be forgotten, there are others filled with monotonous grey - hints of an inescapable, bitter Winter, en route with undeniable insistence. 

A season of contradictions is our Autumn; inevitable with the melding of the warm with the cool. While damp washing burdens the clothes horse {as well as the spirit}, a nightly blazing wood fire warms the toes {and the soul}. Soft cotton scarves and eucalyptus rubs adorn the chest and wool-lined ugg boots compete with mismatched thongs lining the back door. Honey and lemon concoctions are soon favoured over crisp, refreshing ciders and tomato vines are exchanged for blossoming broccoli seedlings in the garden bed. Morning frosts {making cosy dressing gowns a necessity} give way to humid afternoons {where a swim is not out of the question} and the evening meal is a toss up between zesty thai beef salad or cockle-warming curried parsnip and butter bean soup... 

{Recipe adapted from this book}

As well as this delicious soup, Alby is also warming my belly in the new ErgoBaby Wrap care of Babes in Arms
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  1. You wrote so beautifully about autumn, and some cool air and cooking soups is something I long for, but with th weather we currently have in Sydney it is still some time away I guess. Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments of your life. And your children are precious.

  2. Anna, I love your writing style. You make the seasons seem magical.
    Byron and I will visit Tasmania for one week in May. We'll be there from 12 May until 17 May to celebrate my 30th and to drive around to see the sights. I understand it will be very cold but was wondering if you, as a local, would have any suggestions for the trip? Sights, landscapes, restaurants, activities?
    Any suggestions would be very welcome.
    I'll be making your soup once autumn cools here. At present it's still balmy with the occasional afternoon thunderstorm.
    Bella xx

  3. Yum - that looks delicious Anna! You've painted a perfect picture of autumn in Tassie. xx

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