Flying Solo

Tuesday marked the first day in my parenting journey, caring for our two littles completely solo. Although Si returned to work the day after Alby's birth {such is the relief teacher game}, we had many family and friends visiting during those initial five days, that I was never without support or company. I promised myself in the lead up that our day would be as relaxed and carefree as possible. No outings, no expectations - just a gentle simplicity to ease us into our new dynamic...

Peppa Pig in bed while mummy does the morning feed  //  sleepy little fox  //  playroom demolition  //  feeding time at the zoo  //  breakfast banquet  //  Percy joins us for the occasion  //  miss independent  //  and still, he sleeps  //  mummy folding washing = Sage wearing mummy's clothes  //  Playschool  //  clearing the 'draft' folder  //  he wakes and guzzles...  //  while she sorts buttons  //  it must be love  //  an easy lunch  //  she refuses a day sleep without me beside her, so naturally we play trains instead  //  he's a delight, this one  //  a healing delivery in the mail  //  0000's already looking a little small  //  drawing for daddy - "a kangaroo going 'hop, hop, hop', looking for a puppy dog"  //  'big toilet' time  //  daddy home, mummy showers... with these at her feet  //  a refreshing way to end the day

Any tips for surviving managing life with two?  :-)


  1. Lovely pics and insight into your day. My only advice is to let go of any guilt and unrealistic expectations and just be in each moment as it happens. Some days are purely about getting through and surviving and that's okay, it's not forever and as time goes on you'll all find a new groove and rhythm as a family of four. xxxx

  2. Gorgeous photos! Such precious moments, your wrap will be a wonderful asset! Xxxx

  3. well it all looks completely perfect! the back shot of sage wearing your singlet is BEAUTIFUL. the curls! my only tip - don't feel guilty about having the tele on more than usual. if it helps you, it's not harming her. I don't care what the surveys say!! x

  4. I feel like Sage is looking even MORE like you, if that's possible Anna! Looks like the right kind of days - slow and steady :)

    And yes, what Tahnee said ;)

  5. You're doing so good! Once you find that new rhythm, you'll be golden. Tahnee has GREAT advice. I know there are certain times during the day where I need to use Curious George or Frozen to be able to make dinner or nurse the baby in peace ; ) and babywearing is a life saver! Big love to you xx xx

  6. Such beautiful captures! And I second Tahnee and Kate's advice...and you know we're tv free here too. When Remy was little it was essential though to make sure he had the same slow,unrushed feeds that Bijou did as a baby. Go gently lovely friend :) xx


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