Sage Turned 2

Almost an entire month ago, Sage turned two. We shared an afternoon with beloved family and friends, celebrating the second year of our precious girl. Like last year, we were thankful to be bathed in warm, summer sunshine, as our backyard resounded with laughter, love and a chorus of heartfelt "happy birthdays"...

My Darling Sage,

You evoke a love which stems from the deepest of depths and highest of peaks. You are a collector of hearts and a keeper of dreams, a treasure as unique and as beautiful as worn glass washed ashore by the ocean's tides. You are the wildest of souls and the softest of spirits, a carpet of stars lies waiting beneath your feet. When all is quiet and the curiosities of your day flicker gently behind your eyelids, it is then I realise that you will unveil more to me about this world than I could ever fathom.

Eternally Yours, Mumma x


Sage's party images were captured, once again, by the incredible Naomi. See more photos from her birthday celebration here.


  1. These photos are just gorgeous! And that table setting is divine. Looks like a 'berry' wonderful day was had by all ;) (sorry, had to). xx

  2. Yours photos are amazing

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    Take some time and join in on the fun!
    Be Creative Mommy

  3. Such a magical day! What beautiful images of this special birthday xxx

  4. Looks like a lovely day! That cake is amazzzzing.
    Happy Birthday Sage!

    Jess | Malt Memories.

  5. Beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing day. Happy Birthday Sage! x

  6. such a sweet celebration. your photos are lovely and everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. i love all of your little details and that cake is gorgeous. trampoline IN the ground??? best thing ever! never seen it and now i want it :) Happy birthday beautiful Sage! -Misty


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