The Cottage

It's ours!

If you follow Fields of Sage over on facebook or instagram, lately you may have noticed a little sneak peek of our new home - a home that from the very first walk-through, we were so hoping to call our own.

Although it is with heavy hearts that we farewell our first house -- a home that has welcomed the excited faces of a young couple, fresh from their honeymoon, a home that has witnessed the arrival of their sweet little babe from hospital, five days new, a home that has groaned through many, many hours of endless, tiresome hard work, a home that has created everlasting, cherished memories bursting with love, laughter and of course a few tears -- we are so excited to make this sweet little cottage our new nest in just a few, short weeks.

Until then, come and take a wander through... I'll pop the kettle on  :-)



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  1. Congratulations!!! It is soooo pretty. I love it xo

  2. Oh Annie, its gorgeous. Suits you and your beautiful family down to a tee. Does it have a veggie patch? ;) xx
    Love Mon

  3. It is THE perfect home for you beautiful friend! Such a warm and cosy feel. You will grow a wonderful family here. Enjoy this brilliant new chaper xnx

  4. I love it! It has such character and warmth. And what a beautiful backyard for Sage to explore and play in x

  5. Oh gosh. isn't it just the sweetest little cottage.
    Love the style- such a classic with good bones.
    Love the timber windows and picture rails too.
    congratulations to you ad your lovely little family. x

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely home to make new memories in. I especially love the claw foot bathtub and the Singer wash-basin stand (if that's what it is?). x

  7. Love love love this place - I can definitely see you guys in it! x

  8. Oh Anna CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic news! What a gorgeous little cottage! No doubt you will make it the loveliest home imaginable! Think of all the new memories and first your new home will hold :) Exciting times for your little family :)

    Sophie xo

  9. Cosy!!! Congratulations to you. A beautiful home. x

  10. Oh what a lovely house. The garden out front looks great and oh my, the height of those ceilings! I am sure you are going to turn it into an even lovelier home x

  11. Love your new home!!!
    It's so personal and sweet.
    Bella xx


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