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My dearest Si,

As you swept our newborn up into your arms and cradled her with such strength and tenderness, I knew that I was no longer the only girl who would find comfort in your embrace.

As your joyous, tear-filled eyes washed over her tiny body, soaking in every facet of her being, I knew that I was no longer the only girl who you would know, better than she knows herself.

As you stood and marvelled at her beauty, her cleverness and her bravery, I knew that I was no longer the only girl who would fill your world with unwavering, blossoming pride.

Si, each day, as I bare witness to your growing love story with our girl - a story that shines and strengthens with each rising sun - my heart glows with the knowing that you are mine....

And now, also hers

No longer am I the only girl who will carry your heart through this lifetime.

Sage is wrapped with love in the Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood|Mint by Sakura Bloom.


  1. Oh! Anna! Tears ran down my face as I read your beautiful words, Si and Sage are two very lucky people to have you enriching their lives everyday. Much love to you all x x x

  2. This is sublime beautiful lady! Your love for your man is divine and I wish you a lifetime of adventure and joy. Such a beautiful post xxx

  3. Your words are beautiful! I've been trying and trying to put into words the same feelings about my husband and new daughter and you did it perfectly!

  4. This is just gorgeous! Its so awesome to see smitten fathers <3 and the photos are dreamy!


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