The First Tooth

See that little bud just poking through?

The beginnings of that little tooth also brings with it the beginnings of a not-so-little baby anymore.
No... she'll always be my baby


  1. Oh and I think I can see the one next door just below the surface. Remy went from one tooth to four teeth in about ten days. There are two more not far off either! Had a few chomps at feed time for a few days but he soon got the idea that Mumma isn't to be used for teething (not trying to scare you...some babies never do it!) She is such a doll :) x

    1. Yes, I don't think that one next door is too far away either Steph! Wow, Remy's came through fast! Yes, occasionally Sage chomps (even painful just with gums!) and I remove her straight away. Hopefully she gets the message soon enough, as I'm usually greeted with a big grin when I tell her "no chomping!" xx

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