Proud {x1000}


Someone's a little bit clever -- and doesn't she know it!

Sage's movement has truly blossomed over the past couple of weeks and as a result she is becoming increasingly tricky to keep up with! A true crawler now, the second I turn my back she's exploring and discovering new "corners" of each and every room. She is absolutely loving her newfound independence and is so persistent when striving to reach whatever it is that has taken her fancy. And that grin of pure pride at the completion her journey?... well that sure is something!

When it all gets a little to much and tiredness sets in, she will pause in the crawling stance, whimpering in protest and in utter defeat until loving arms come to her rescue and scope her up. Not that I mind... I am cherishing these baby snuggles -- the most simple yet delightful form of gratitude she could give to her Mumma for 'saving' her from those tiresome hands and knees -- before I blink and they're gone.

It was only moments ago that this crawling caper began and yet she's already taken to pulling herself up from the sitting to standing position on all types of objects and furniture {namely the couch... and my legs}. And boy, does that proud grin become even brighter when she realises what she's just done -- standing up... all by herself!

Slow down my little Moo Moo, Mumma needs you to need her for just awhile longer

{I apologise for the multitude of similar photos above, but seriously, who could decide on just one sweet smile out of that lot? I sure couldn't! Do you have a favourite?}

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