Memories Created

Sage, your great grandparents are such incredibly beautiful people. Over the years they have given so much of themselves, to so many people and yet they have never expected - or wanted - anything in return. They are the most honourable, self-deprecating, loving, generous people and they absolutely adore you, my sweet.

Just look at their faces...

Filled with delight as they marvel at your sweetness.

Filled with tenderness as they stroke your soft skin.

Filled with happiness knowing you are apart of them.

Filled with sparkle as they reminisce.

Filled with wonder seeing you grow and thrive.

And filled with joy that you are in this world.

These moments are so precious.

Time is cherished.

Memories created.

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  1. so many beautiful memories captured in this lovely space anna ... your little sage is sweet and i can see so very loved. so happy you found me today and enjoying reading back on your archives. x


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