the THIS list ~ August

        ||  gifting this

        ||  pre-ordering this

        ||  this has some great tips

        ||  sending out this

        ||  creating this

        ||  love heart eyes over this and this {after already buying this and this}

        ||  dreaming of one like this

        ||  entirely fed up with articles such as this {and wholeheartedly agree with this response}

        ||  living in this

        ||  adored meeting thisthis and this {well, them} at this

        ||  downloading this

        ||  this is where we're spending summer

        ||  surprisingly enjoying this {despite craving this}

        ||  inspired by this

        ||  smack bang in the middle of this

        ||  endlessly playing with this

        ||  swooning over this

        ||  reading this {while Sage adores this}

{the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply}

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